Why Use Plyboo?

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Shopping around and making responsible design decisions for the next business space you are working on Plyboo Wall Panelingcan be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right manufacturer for commercial wall coverings. Your wall coverings have to be durable, easy to maintain, look great, and offer additional qualities that benefit your space. There is a reason companies use Plyboo time and time again, and GreenSource Solutions can think of why.


Since 1989, Plyboo has been the go-to manufacturer for bamboo products. With only with bamboo boxes at their disposal, this business quickly expanded their scope of work when they realized how valuable bamboo is for commercial use. Experts at Plyboo have made efforts to create the most durable bamboo floors on the market.


Did you know that Plyboo was the first bamboo flooring company in the United States? In 1996, Plyboo changed their business model to accommodate bamboo flooring which was introduced to the American marketplace and has changed forever changed the carpentry industry as we knew it. This innovation has extended to wall coverings and has encompassed many of these same great characteristics.

Environmentally sound

Plyboo wall panels are made of 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified, formaldehyde-free bamboo. With concerns about our ever-changing environment, you can rest well knowing you have invested in a flooring that is carefully monitored and has been known to give significant benefits without negative impacts on the environment. Plyboo even contributes to as many as 3 LEED® points.

If Plyboo panels are the answer for your business, get in contact with us at GreenSource Solutions. We are a team of manufacturing representatives and professional consultants dedicated to assisting architects and designers to make the right choices for their next commercial project.

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