Why LEED Points Matter

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Capri Rubber Warehouse FlooringWhen browsing through our commercial flooring options for Boston businesses, you might notice that many of our products hold an LEED points rating. If you’re buying commercial flooring for the first time, you might wonder what that is, and we’re more than happy to explain. GreenSource Solutions strives to be a sustainable flooring, wall, and surface solution for businesses looking to improve their commercial space. One way we work towards those goals is to work with companies that offer LEED points.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system created by the United States Green Building Council to evaluate environmental performance of a building. This often reflects the measurable “green” designs of a building on interior and exterior design, including maintenance and operations. This push for more sustainable designs align with our desires to improve our local commercial spaces with great materials and working with flooring production companies with similar ideals.

Working towards LEED points means projecting a positive image and can assist in energy/cost savings. Often times cities offer tax credits or grants for these green buildings to ensure renovation or construction is as efficient as possible, and some even require specific LEED qualifications to be met for public buildings.

If your space needs additional LEED points in Boston, commercial flooring through GreenSource Solutions is a great answer. We work with great companies to create great solutions for you, your architects, and your designers.

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