Have a Variety With Cork Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

If you’ve never worked with or have seen commercial cork flooring before, you might be under the assumption it looks like the cork boards you find in classrooms or around an office. We bet you might have never realized how often you’re standing on it when you’re walking through a workspace! GreenSource Solutions knows how important it is for your floors to not only be functional, but to also look great! That’s why we work with companies like Capri Cork flooring for a variety of options.

Capri Cork Flooring Conference RoomCork flooring is used in a variety of commercial (and residential) spaces because it’s versatile and gets the job done. It is resistant to cracks and abrasion, resilient to mold and mildew, fire safe, and comfortable under your feet. There are a number of benefits cork offers when it comes to maintenance and feel, but some might be concerned about looks.

When you work with Capri Cork, you have options that will look great in any industry setting. Not only do they offer cork product that is mixed with rubber and other combinations of materials, they have one of the largest variety of patterns around. If you’re looking to put down a floor that looks like wood but has the durability of cork, they have the option for you.

Not to mention, they also have eco-friendly floating floor options which are easy to install. When your business relies on having your doors open, you might only have a few days or even hours to get new floors installed. With Capri Cork, we will be able to get our crew in and out of there in no time, and you will be back do conducting usual business in your updated space.

If you’ve been thinking about Boston commercial flooring options but just haven’t found a material that speaks to you, Capri Cork might be your answer. GreenSource Solutions is a proud carrier of Capri Cork because they offer quality products that will last your business for years to come. With more questions about our options, give us a call today at (617) 513-6339 or (617) 799-1800.