Where to Use Commercial Rubber Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Having a longstanding, professional relationship with EarthSaver and RubberFlex has given us a lot of insight intoArtigo Rubber Flooring commercial rubber flooring and the benefits it can offer a variety of spaces. GreenSource Solutions works with clients every day who purchase rubber flooring for their business space, and that’s because rubber has many characteristics desirable for their place. Here are just a few places we have seen rubber floorings installed in the past.

Fitness rooms

Rubber flooring has a great underfoot feel and is ideal for many gym settings. This extra cushion can help prevent fatigue and potential foot injuries, and it is water and slip resistant. If you’re searching for a solid flooring for any area that will see lots of traffic and movement, then rubber flooring might be a perfect choice.


A floor that is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew is perfect for serving patients. Having floors that are also easy to maintain means less downtime between cleaning and interrupting the medical staff that must prepare for emergencies. The foot-friendly comfort is also ideal for professionals on their feet for long shifts.


Whether it is a university or grade school building, rubber flooring is perfect for the traffic hallways, gyms, and classrooms see on a regular basis. Keeping students safe is the priority, and this surface helps prevent accidents on the water tracked inside. It is also more comfortable for teachers and professors who spend hours standing at a lecture to use.

If you’re beginning to think that EarthSaver rubber floors or RubberFlex might be the right solution for your commercial space, get in contact with us at GreenSource Solutions and give us a call. Our team of manufacturing representatives would love to discuss your options and help you find the perfect flooring.

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