Why Use Commercial Cork Flooring?

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Working with such a variety of customers in different industries has allowed the experts at GreenSource Capri Cork Rubber FlooringSolutions to do our research about the floors we sell. Knowing the benefits of these various surfaces is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you’ve been thinking about investing in commercial flooring for your New Hampshire business, we can think of a few reasons you might consider cork as a flooring material.

Health and safety benefits

This material is resistant to mold and mildew, is anti-microbial, does not impact indoor air quality, and is fire resistant. Cork flooring is a perfect option for any space where wellbeing and protection is a top priority.

Durable with easy maintenance

Because cork is resistant to gouges, cracking, liquids, and other abrasions, it can last a lifetime. With that said, its durability also makes it a surface that can be cleaned easily and quickly.

It’s eco-friendly

As a renewable material, cork can offer your commercial space a lot regarding green environments and LEED points. For example, Capri Cork is made with 90-95% recycled content and can contribute anywhere between 4-6 LEED points.


Cork is a natural material which allows for more “give” under pressure and ultimately creates a more comfortable underfoot feel. It is also an insulator, which keeps spaces that have cork flooring warm and quiet.

It looks fantastic

We’re sure you have already seen examples of installations for cork flooring in the past. With such a variety of finishes, cork flooring is stunning. It offers not only these practical benefits but also an appealing aesthetic.

To learn more about commercial cork flooring and how GreenSource Solutions’ professionals can help determine if this surface is right for you, please contact us today by calling (617) 513-6339 .