Tips for Maintaining Cork Floors

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Investing in commercial cork flooring means your business will have a stylish and incredibly green option for your Capri Cork Flooring Wine Cellarbusiness space. GreenSource Solutions loves the way cork floors look, and we often get questions about how to maintain that just-installed look. Regular maintenance for any level is essential, and we have a few suggestions to make sure your cork floors look great.

Use entrance mats near doors

Just like with any floor, welcome mats can help prevent some debris from entering your commercial space. By placing these items preemptively near your entrances and exits, maintaining your cleaning schedule becomes easier, no matter what season.

Sweep floors regularly

Between the sand, salt, dirt, and other items we track on the floors in New England, debris can easily scratch the surface of our cork floors. Committing to regular sweeping/cleaning can help prevent these messes from happening.

Wipe away moisture

To maintain nearly all cork floors, including Capri cork flooring, it’s suggested to wipe away standing moisture/liquid as quickly as possible. Since cork is a porous material, water can damage it easily. Each particular manufacturer will have suggestions for their flooring and how to best damp clean their cork. Those instructions need to be considered thoroughly.

Do your best to block direct sunlight

Depending on the location of your floors, this can be a small or large problem. Cork floors tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight after extended periods of time. If possible, invest in curtains for your commercial space to ensure their longevity and intended color for as long as possible.

As a group of manufacturing representatives/professional consultants, we can answer nearly any question you might have about your flooring and what you can do to ensure its durability and aesthetic for years to come. For more information, call us today at (617) 513-6339 to speak our experts.