Tips for Commercial Flooring Maintenance this Summer

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

When you’re a business owner living in a region of the country that experiences winter in full force like New England, you don’t always consider the ways summer weather can impact your products or commercial space. Assessing your commercial flooring in Boston and around Massachusetts and New Hampshire is the first step is to ensure they are being maintained properly and will hold their integrity for years to come.

We face humid and hot weather in our neck of the woods, so it’s necessary to have a plan in place to protect your floors, especially for natural materials like wood. Wood floors can expand in high humidity which, in turn, can cause floor cupping, floor buckling, and cause significant gaps when they contract in the winter. GreenSource has a few adjustments we suggest making to accommodate your wood floors this summer.

Routine cleaning

With so many people enjoying the warm weather while it lasts, they are bound to track in the elements with them. Dirt, allergens, mud, water, sand, and other abrasive materials can scratch your floors, make them appear dull, and more. Keeping up with your regular cleaning schedule will improve appearances and lessen the chance of damages.

Sunlight protection

With the long days of summer still ahead of us, the sun can cause fading on your flooring, particularly in areas near windows and doors. Investing in shades or drapes for your windows or utilizing rugs around your commercial space are both simple solutions to protect your floors during the hottest months of the year.

Air control

On average, professionals suggest having your humidity levels between 35-55% to prevent wood floors from expanding on condensing. Utilizing forced air in your commercial space or dehumidifiers can give you the peace of mind you need.

Fortunately, there are professionals out there who can help you choose the flooring materials that are ideal for your commercial space. If you’ve been thinking about investing in new commercial floors, the team at GreenSource Solutions would be happy to assist you in weighing the pros and cons of all the flooring we have to offer.

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