Three Reasons Cork Flooring Suits Your Next Project

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Cork flooring from GreenSource SolutionsWhether you’re overhauling an existing home or property, or exploring your options for new construction, one prospect to consider for your project is cork flooring. As one of the foremost companies within the green building materials industry, GreenSource Solutions considers reaching out to and informing the public critical to helping people stay pro-active in seeking out sustainable materials for their projects. To that end, we’ve compiled a short list of the positive qualities of cork flooring to consider for your project.

Tree and Forest Preservation

Unlike wood that comes from clearcutting operations that can deal serious harm to the environment, the manner in which cork is extracted and harvested from trees does not damage the tree. Moreover, the extraction process does not result in wide swathes of land around the world being ravaged by industrial logging operations. Unlike other trees, the cork tree’s bark can be safely harvested, allowing for a new layer of bark to form again over time. This helps minimize the environmental impact of this building material.

Special Acoustic Properties

Because of the molecular composition of cork, the material itself benefits form intrinsic sound deadening qualities. For commercial applications, this kind of quality can be invaluable. Oftentimes, businesses must retrofit acoustic treatments and contract other companies that specialize in this process. Especially for broadcast studios or recording studios, the value of a building material that deadens sound inherently is important. Even for residential applications, cork can prove useful in isolating parts of a house from each other acoustically.


Again, because of cork’s density, it provides a much softer and more comfortable walking surface than something like hardwood floors or ceramic tiles. In retail applications, this material can provide much needed minute-to-minute comfort for employees and customers alike. Especially for professions that require employees to be on their feet for extended periods of time, cork flooring can provide much needed respite from sequential hours of walking and standing.

Cork is just one of the many sustainable materials available for your next project. Our experts at GreenSource Solutions are standing by to help you find the best material tailored specifically to your needs.

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