These Architects Just Transformed An Entire Business Park

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Green commercial flooringAs your trusted providers of green commercial flooring and commercial wall coverings, we here at GreensSource Solutions always try to take the time to recognize a job well done when we see one. Well, it just so happens that Maugel Architects of the greater Boston Area have recently completed an excellent renovation project that we would like to take a moment to recognize here.

The project was a large one – a radical face-lift and redesign of an existing business park known as The District. Working on five of the existing thirteen buildings, the project entailed extensive facade upgrades as well as improvements to the various common areas of the location. The end result was a total transformation which turned a formerly drab and nondescript locale into a vibrant and attractive place that is sure to be pleasing to the eye as well as conducive to a calm and productive atmosphere.

Some of the various upgrades and redesigns include the addition of an awe-inspiring canopy of steel and glass on one of the buildings, creating an entryway of which one is sure to enjoy the sight. Also erected on three separate buildings were the additions of free-standing structural towers of polycarbonate panels to accentuate corners and unify facades. Lit from behind, they create a beautiful effect that is nothing short of iconic.

The upgrades were not contained to exteriors, however. In one of the buildings a beautiful new lobby was created that features bamboo plywood commercial wall coverings, non-pvc flooring, and living walls which serve to bring the outdoors indoors – and least when it comes to atmosphere and vibe!

All in all we have to say that this was a tremendous achievement that the team at Maugel can certainly be proud of! Good job guys!

You can read the full article on the official Maugel website here.