What Does Sustainable Flooring Mean?

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

GreenSource Solutions loves to tell potential customers about the different ways our flooring, wall Cork flooring from GreenSource Solutionscoverings, and surfaces can enhance their commercial spaces. We are a go-to for so many seeking commercial flooring in Boston, and across Massachusetts and New Hampshire because we specialize in sustainable products. Many people understand that sustainably refers to how “green” a material is, but exactly what does that mean?

To put simply, sustainable products are created from materials and processes that ultimately reduce the stress they place on ecosystems during its life. From harvest through disposal, sustainable products assist in creating environmentally-friendly buildings and provide work to businesses and manufacturers who are dedicated to using renewable resources.

Sustainable floors and other products provide various positive impacts on a commercial space. To begin, many of these flooring options are resistant to mold, dust, and allergens, which significantly improve indoor air quality. These materials are also constructed to be extremely durable and because they are a sustainable material option, have lower environmental impacts when needed to be replaced. In addition to the health benefits, these material choices often offer incentives such as LEED points.

Some of the most common sustainable floor options include bamboo, cork, linoleum, coconut palm, and rubber. GreenSource Solutions has developed relationships with manufacturers who utilize these products in order to provide our customers with a variety of material options for their project and make an educated and smart financial decision for their business.

If you are Boston business searching for sustainable commercial flooring, wall coverings, and other surfaces, look no further than GreenSource Solutions. We are a team of manufacturer representatives and professional consultants that can help you find a product that not only looks beautiful, but also contributes to LEED points and a healthier environment.

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