Questions to Ask Potential Commercial Flooring Contractors

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Green commercial flooring from GreenSource SolutionsGreenSource Solutions know that deciding on a new commercial flooring in Boston can be a strenuous process. Not only are you making an aesthetic decision for your brand that your customers and employees see when they walk through the door, it is also an investment you want to last throughout the New England seasons that track in snow, salt, mud, dirt, water, and more. You’ll need to start shopping through your choice of commercial flooring contractors, and we suggest asking these questions before placing an order with any specific installers.

Are they licensed?


Knowing you’re going to receive quality and professionalism from a company from the start is important in developing a business relationship with a flooring contractor. Check their credentials and rest easy you are working with someone who knows what they’re doing.


Do they have knowledge of the floors they are selling?


A company that informs and educates their employees is a good sign of an installation company. Asking questions about specific floors verifies experience and ability to complete these projects with competent crews.


What is their track record?


Asking for references is an important part of the decision process and knowing that other companies have had positive experiences with this contractor could mean the difference between a stressful and painless installation.


Is it a no-pressure sale?


The person who best knows your budget and what you need in commercial flooring is you. Recognizing when a contractor is forcing a specific flooring upon you instead of letting you choose yourself could mean they are focused more on price than creating an honest business connection with you.


Do they have good manufacturing connections?


Though these crews install the materials, they do not create them. Having a great working relationship with manufacturing companies often results in better prices and warranties for you.


What are their warranties?


Covering such large areas of space mean there is a chance there can be flaws and other imperfections on your flooring. Though understandable, having a great warranty could save you lots of money in the future.


Do they have material-specific crews?


It’s better to be an expert at one specific product than barely knowledgeable at several. This also applies to flooring contractors. Working with a crew that understands the material they are working with, how best to install it, and recognizing troublesome situations means less complications and better results.


Is there a quick turnaround?


With a business running under your feet, knowing when and how long it will take for your flooring to be installed is essential when finding a contractor. Be wary if you are unable to receive a definitive answer.


Finding a contractor that fits your needs is important for all businesses, and GreenSource Solutions is a contractor worth seeking out. From our variety of flooring to our long list of satisfied references, we want you to be happy with your decision to install our flooring, surfaces, or walls for your commercial space.


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