Product Spotlight – Mohawk Hot & Heavy Floating Luxury Vinyl Tile

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Luxury vinyl tile from GreenSource SolutionsIt is a common occurrence in many industries that every now and then one particular product comes along that seems to rewrite all the rules and stand out from all similar products in a class all by itself. Hot & Heavy floating Luxury Vinyl Tile products from Mohawk are one such product. An utterly unique concept that offers outstanding benefits, this luxury vinyl tile offering is sure to be a resounding success whenever it is chosen to answer your needs for reliable and dependable green commercial flooring solutions.

So, what exactly is it that makes the Hot & Heavy brand of luxury vinyl tiles from Mohawk so unique? Well, to start off with, these tiles do not need to be glued down, nor do they interlock together as so many other tile products do. Instead of these two popular installation alternatives, Hot & Heavy tiles are designed for loose-lay installation. That’s right, just lay them in place and proceed to walk all over them. Their sheer weight helps to keep them in place so that no glue or interlocking pieces are needed, after all, they are called Hot and Heavy for a reason!

The additional benefits offered by this unique installation method are many. For example, the lack of glue or adhesive of any kind makes this product ideal for commercial floors in Healthcare and Assisted Living environments because there are no odors or fumes to take into consideration. Aside from that, the loose-lay installation offers one of the fastest and simplest remodels you could possibly ask for! When replacing carpet, simply remove the old carpet and proceed to immediately set the Hot & Heavy luxury vinyl tiles into place – voila! They can even be installed directly over old solid flooring surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic, rubber or terrazzo. All of this with the added benefit of no extra downtime post-installation, as these tiles can be walked on as soon as they are laid in place, makes this a green commercial flooring option that is hard to beat!

These tiles are perfect for almost any other commercial application as well, such as multifamily apartments and condominiums. Commercial floors in most new developments in the last ten years have been done with hard surface materials – just not ones that can offer the same benefits as Hot & Heavy can. Unlike some other hard surface products, these luxury vinyl tiles from Mohawk are not affected by moister – and in fact offer properties similar to carpet in this manner. Also like carpet, Hot & Heavy tiles offer strong sound dampening factors that far exceed those of most other competing products for both sound impact within the room as well as transmission to surrounding rooms. In fact, walking on these tiles is about as quiet as walking on carpet.

As if all those benefits were not enough, there is yet another benefit to the loose-lay construction of these luxury vinyl tiles – ease of replacement. Should a tile ever be damaged, it is simply lifted up and replaced with a new one. No special tools, no time-consuming process. Add in the well-documented absence of possible allergic reactions to the tiles and the long lifespan this product offers and you can easily see why Hot & Heavy luxury vinyl tiles are a great choice for almost all commercial floors.

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