Plyboo Bamboo: A Great Trend in Commercial Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Bamboo Flooring ConnecticutGreenSource pays close attention to the needs of our customers and the trends we see emerge from our products. One of our favorite trends and flooring we’ve seen used time and time again are our Plyboo Bamboo panels. From flooring, to walls, bamboo continues to be popular for commercial flooring in Massachusetts on a variety of our projects.

High foot traffic areas: We have installed Plyboo flooring to a range of different businesses with lots of foot traffic. Hillside School’s basketball courts, Stantec’s lobby, Boston University office spaces, United Parish Church’s common space, and more. Plyboo is known for being durable and is used often when a commercial space needs a flooring they know will last.

Acoustical settings: Syracuse University’s theater didn’t pick Plyboo on a whim. The decision was made because of the intricate and acoustical value added to the space. This detailed and exciting wall treatment is perfect for large spaces where you wish to limit echoing while staying within specific design decisions.

Great aesthetic appeal: Simply adding Plyboo paneling to walls as they have at The Districts lobby can give you the look you are searching for, or you can make a statement like Banq Restaurant and make it a conversation. Plyboo is known for having interesting patterns, carvings, and colors that will make any commercial space the talk of the town.

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