Nydree Flooring – Worthy of the Hall of Fame

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Green commercial flooringThe San Francisco 49ers have been around since the 1940’s, and in the almost seven decades since their debut they have forged an impressive history for themselves – including 5 Super Bowl Championships. As such, it should come as no surprise that California’s oldest major professional sports team would want to enshrine the highlight’s of their legacy in a world-class exhibit for their fans to enjoy. The 49ers had the perfect opportunity to make this desire a reality when they began construction on Levi’s Stadium, the NFL’s newest sporting venue, which officially opened its doors to the public in July 2014.

The brand new $1.2 billion stadium itself was designed to make a statement – not just about the 49ers themselves, but also about the standards and principles of environmentally-friendly design. Levi’s Stadium is the very first stadium in the history of the NFL to earn the prestigious Gold Certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, (LEED®®®), standard for green design and construction. From the green roof to the solar panels, the venue earned this title in every way, and the commitment to green ideals did not stop with energy savings. Nor did they serve to steal the focus away from the 49ers themselves.

If there is one place in Levi’s Stadium where the twin foci of football and green construction seamlessly intertwine, it would have to be in the 12,000 square foot Hall of Fame exhibit. Specified by Cambridge 7 Architects out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, it was clear that an attraction sure to be as heavily visited as the Hall of Fame would have to have a flooring product installed that would not only adhere to the LEED®®® Gold Certification Standard, but would also withstand the anticipated heavy foot traffic it was sure to endure. On top of that, the designers wanted a commercial wood flooring product that emanated a luxurious, yet at the same time rustic and antiquated, glow that would emanate throughout the entire Hall.

For such stringent requirements, only hardwood flooring products from Nydree Flooring would suffice. Nydree Flooring is the world leader in innovative, durable, and environmentally responsible green commercial flooring products. Their specialized acrylic-impregnation technology increases the durability of their hardwoods threefold, meaning that even for high-traffic projects like the Hall of Fame at Levi’s Stadium, their products are branded with a Lifetime Warranty.

Creating products designed to last for a very long time is not the only way in which Nydree exemplifies their commitment to LEED®®® principles, in fact, they also utilize reclaimed wood in their products. In fact, 9,000 square feet of the green commercial flooring products they installed in Levi’s Stadium consist of reclaimed oak! Giving new, longer life to existing wooden planks evidences a deep dedication to environmentally-friendly and sustainable product design that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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