Where Do You Need High Traffic Flooring?

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Leaving a lasting impression on customers, visitors, or investors for your business is an essential aspect of growing brand recognition and dependability, and that starts with your office space. Finding a commercial flooring in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that looks great and holds up to your durability means knowing where you need to put high traffic flooring. As a representative and professional consultants, GreenSource Solutions has a few areas to keep in mind when you go to install your new flooring.

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Place of congregation

Depending on your industry and services, your workers place of congregation might be different than another business. Lobbies, waiting rooms, cafeterias, gyms, and warehouses are all common areas where you receive a considerable amount of activity and will also accumulate debris brought in from outside.

Entrance and exit points

Maybe the most active area of your business, you will find there is often additional wear and tear caused at these points because of the dirt, sand, salt, and other elements that can be tracked through your doors. Investing in these areas can save you money in the long run because of your new floors durability.


Just the same as entrances and exits, hallways are the way of travel through your commercial space. More than just people, equipment and other items are carted through these areas and can cause additional wear that might not otherwise exist. Pay special attention to these corridors, as well.

Whether your business is in the retail, hospitality, medical, education, or corporate industry, finding a commercial flooring in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that will stand up to our weather and foot traffic. Luckily, GreenSource Solutions has ideal flooring options that are resilient, beautiful, and created by sought-after flooring professionals. With more questions about our selection, call us today at ((617) 513-6339 or (617) 799-1800 to speak our experts.