Where You Might Need ESD Commercial Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Staticworx ESD flooring NHNot every business or organization looking for commercial flooring in New Hampshire or Massachusetts is in need of ESD flooring, but there are plenty that do. GreenSource understands that finding a quality product that has the durability these industries need can be difficult, so we make it easy for you by offering ESD flooring through Staticworx. Where might you need this flooring, you wonder? Here are a few places it has been installed in the past.

Electronic repair and manufacturing

Being around sensitive equipment and materials can make for a difficult job when you create static charge with simple movements. Luckily, ESD flooring can cut down on these complications and save your products from the static can impact the integrity its integrity.

Government buildings

When it comes to public safety, it’s important you’re in a space that is conducive to completing your work. Flight Operation centers, mission critical areas, explosive handling, 911 communication rooms and more all require an ESD flooring that meets specific static control requirements.

Data/communication centers

Storing important data is seemingly simple to do, but it requires more maintenance than you might initially think. ESD flooring allows little room for static charge to impact your machines, which means your data will remain safe and unharmed by workers in their general vicinity.

Hospitals and medical offices

Areas like operating rooms and labs require the most sterile environments possible, which include limiting the chance of static charge. Though the voltage from static is small, it can have a serious impact on important equipment and in turn could alter the results it gives possible patients.

Staticworx offers a variety of ESD carpet, vinyl, and rubber tiles created in ISO-9000 certified factories and are testing by independent labs prior to shipment. When you’re searching for ESD commercial flooring solutions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, reach out to us at GreenSource. We’d love to tell you more about how your business could benefit from this product. Call us today at (617) 513-6339 to speak our experts.