Luxury Vinyl Tiles From Mohawk Industries – Beauty & Durability In One

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Luxury vinyl tile from GreenSource SolutionsEveryone has a different standard of beauty. If you were to ask a stylist, you would probably be told that beauty was soft, yet vivid. An artist might tell you that beauty was both vibrant and subdued at the same time. When it comes to flooring products from Mohawk Industries, beauty is the combination of eye-catching appeal and extreme durability. These are the attributes that provide the foundation for their two lines of Luxury Vinyl Tile products, and the end results can only be described as beautiful!

Offered as either Glue-down or Floating alternatives to enhance any and all commercial floors, these Luxury Vinyl Tiles are sure to meet, and surpass, all of your expectations. Choose which type of product you want based on the type of installation you require. This in itself is often determined by the nature and condition of the flooring surface on which the tiles are to be installed. For example, if installation was set to occur over a subfloor that is in poor condition due to cracks, gaps or that was possibly even slightly not level due to settling and warping, a Floating luxury vinyl tile commercial floor would be recommended as it would help eliminate these factors. If the subfloor is in good shape, Glue-down luxury vinyl tiles will work splendidly.

Whichever product type and installation method works best for your needs, rest assured that these tile products from Mohawk Industries are sure to provide you with the look, as well as the functionality and durability, that you would require to bring any project to an illustrious completion. All the commonly clamored-for designs are present and accounted for, with styles ranging from all types of wood and stone patterns, to representations of concrete which serve to make what is so often seen as cold and unfriendly seem both calming and charming.

Far more than looks and durability go into these products. For something so resilient to the normal wears and tears to which modern commercial floors are subjected, it would be forgivable to think that these flooring products might feel uncomfortably solid underfoot – but this is not the case! All Luxury Vinyl Tile products from Mohawk Industries have been crafted to blend their looks and durability with the all-important performance factor of comfort for those who walk upon them day after day. Additionally, many offerings in these lines are constructed to help reduce the sound transfer created from any level of foot traffic, helping to soothe even more of your senses as you walk across it. Even further, consider that these products are all designed to allow for the easiest installation possible, and you get a product that knocks it out of the park in every way.

These Luxury Vinyl Tile products from Mohawk Industries come with warranties extending up to 25 years in length – that is how much confidence goes into their claims of durability! To achieve this, it takes a serious devotion to making products that will last a long time without losing their visual appeal. Many of the products offered also feature Mohawk’s proprietary M-Force™ Ceramic Enhanced Urethane coating, which is wax-free and will allow your commercial floors to remain beautiful and vibrant even after years of traffic has walked over them.

Don’t forget that these are all green commercial flooring options! These products all bear the FloorScore certification for indoor air quality used by the LEED®®® standard. On top of that, some products are actually made with recycled content in an effort to adhere to green manufacturing practices wherever possible. For example, Hardscape and Urban Patina, two Clic Step product styles, have 30% recycled content, while Secoya and Bolder from Hot and Heavy have an impressive 59% recycled content in each tile!

Green construction. Durable results. Lasting beauty – all offered with Mohawk’s QuickShip program, an in-stock shipping service to help guarantee that you get the products you need when you need them, if not before. Whatever your green commercial flooring needs are, Luxury Vinyl Tile products from Mohawk Industries are sure to be exactly what you are looking for, and here at GreenSource Solutions we are proud to be one of the first reps for this exciting product line.

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