Commercial Wall Coverings Must-Haves

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Planning and decorating a large space can be daunting for any one person or an assigned team. Not only do you have to keep budget in mind, you have to find sensible solutions to problems that come with construction on big rooms such as auditoriums and offices. GreenSource knows that you might be thinking about your flooring options, but we also want you to keep in mind the many benefits quality commercial wall coverings can give you.


Depending on where you wish to locate your wall covering, it might have some or ample contact with those in the building. From curious touching to bumps and scratches, you want to ensure your team picks a material that is known for its strength.

Plyboo Wall Paneling

Easy maintenance

Just like with painted walls, your wall coverings can and very possibly will become dirty by employees, customers, and other outside forces. Researching wall coverings that require few or no special washing needs can make your hired cleaning team’s jobs a heck of a lot easier.



If you find a company you love and want to use again, you will want a selection in patterns and materials. This allows your commercial space to have a cohesive feel from wall to wall without being repetitive.

Offers acoustic properties

When you’re looking for sound solutions in your auditoriums or other empty spaces, wall coverings are a great answer. Not only are they out of the way and seemingly unnoticeable, they get the job done.

Visually appealing

Maybe the most important quality to many, you want your commercial space to look great! Putting money into a renovation or build can fall sort when you just don’t have great materials to work with. Wall coverings can make a single wall a subtle but beautiful focal point.

Luckily, there are products like Chilewich or Plyboo wall panels out there that offer all of these amazing benefits and more. When seeking out commercial wall coverings, get in contact with us at GreenSource Solutions. We are a group of manufacturer representatives and professional consultants that are dedicated to assisting you in your next commercial flooring and wall surface upgrade. Call us today at (617) 513-6339 or (617) 799-1800 to speak our experts.