Importance of Moisture Mitigation

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

The saying, “You cannot construct a great building on a weak foundation,” rings true in the case of business, literally and figuratively. When a business decides on renovation of their workspace, assuring your space is sustainable for years to come is important to your reputation, property value, and damage costs in the future. GreenSource Solutions installs commercial flooring in Boston, and can attest to the importance of moisture mitigation in your business space.
AC Tech Vapor Reduction
Whether you are renovation a space with known moisture problems in the concrete slabs or want the added protection of a vapor barrier, the investment is worthwhile. Because all natural systems like humidity acclimate towards equilibrium, moisture can rise in your base flooring to adjust to the difference in temperature under and above your slab, resulting in moisture.


This moisture can change the integrity of your buildings structure, walls, and flooring. Times when a flooring applied with adhesion becomes unattached, moisture is often the cause. Knowing your surface before committing to a flooring application can save you time and money, and working with a flooring company that offers those services means protecting your new flooring before moisture becomes problematic.


GreenSource works closely with professionals to provide moisture control products from concrete admixtures to concrete curing that can dry in as little as four hours. We can and will find an agent that will work within your budget to solve your moisture problems.


If you’re looking for commercial flooring in Massachusetts, consider giving GreenSource a call at (617) 799-1800. We want you to continuously enjoy your flooring from the moment it is installed, and know how to combat common problems with floor installation through years of service and expertise.