GreenSource Solutions: Your One Stop Shop for Green Commercial Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Green commercial flooringAs we advance further into the 21st century, architects, engineers, and designers are adopting a new paradigm: Sustainable construction materials are no longer only complimentary or supplemental considerations. Utilizing a majority of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is the new reality in commercial construction. A new day has dawned for green commercial flooring, and we want to help you embrace this change.

GreenSource Solutions has anticipated this dramatic shift in construction operations, and we strive to help devise environmentally sound solutions for many applications and projects. Whether you’re planning new construction or retrofitting existing structures, we want to equip you with the best knowledge available to ensure your project not only stands the test of time, but does so while utilizing the highest quality sustainable materials possible. Here are three green commercial flooring solutions for your next project.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber is a great choice for commercial flooring because of its resilience to scratches, damage, and wear, and also because of the wide variety of appearances it’s available in. Its elasticity provides a comfortable walking and standing experience for both staff and customers alike, and it can be tailored to match the rest of your building’s décor.


Another material that can prove invaluable in terms of the comfort it provides is cork. The material itself naturally deadens sound, and is easy to install over other kinds of flooring surfaces, making it perfect for retrofitting into old construction. While it lacks the variety of colors and patterns of rubber, it makes up for this with its sustainability.


Textile flooring represents not only a stylish alternative for green commercial flooring, but offers superb maintenance and installation options to boot. Available in both sheets and tiles, installation is a straightforward process that minimizes waste and ensures clean looking lines after installation. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, textile flooring is easy to coordinate with your building’s character and look.

No matter the scale of your project, our experts at GreenSource Solutions are standing by to help you find the best material tailored specifically to your needs. Get in touch with our staff of knowledgeable professionals today by calling (617) 799-1800.