GreenSource Solutions Was At The SURFACES Expo

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Commercial floors from GreenSource SolutionsLate in January, the premier event for all things related to flooring, stonework, and tile surfaces was held in Las Vegas. We are talking, of course, of The International Surface Event, which is itself often referred to as TISE, or simply SURFACES. This is an event which is held twice annually with the specific goal of bringing together buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and contractors from all over the world so that they may experience and familiarize themselves with the latest products, trends and technologies that have arisen within the varied and exciting market of surface products.

There is no bigger or better place to be than surfaces when you are wanting to see, discuss, and compare all types of commercial floors, commercial wall coverings, surface products, residential wall and floor products, and all other similar product types. Those of us at GreenSource Solutions who were lucky enough to be in attendance had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with several fantastic manufacturers of high-quality products. Not only were we keenly checking out the booths for any new and exciting products worthy of being offered to our customers, we also got the chance to see some of our well-respected current business partners and suppliers showing off their wonderful green commercial flooring products!

It was truly wonderful to see the overwhelmingly positive response from the crowd given towards those companies and suppliers with which we already do business. One in particular stood out above the rest, however, and that was Mohawk Flooring, who make many of the luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank products available to our customers, as well as other green commercial flooring options. So impressive was their presence within the event that they actually took home an award! That’s right, Mohawk Flooring was the proud recipient of the Best of 2015 Innovation Award – a truly exciting event to witness! They have our sincerest congratulations.

All in all, SURFACES was a valuable and exciting event to attend, and we look forward to being there again in the future as well in order to help ensure that we can continue to provide our clients and customers with only the highest-quality and most respected names and product lines when it comes to green commercial flooring, commercial wall coverings, and surface products!

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