Why You Should Get Rid of That Old Carpet

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Corridors 259 Elm Somerville Chilewich LoungeIf you’ve been in the same commercial space for years, you might have noticed that your carpet floors just aren’t holding up the way other flooring options do nowadays. Just as every industry grows, Boston commercial flooring is no exception. GreenSource works directly with a number of flooring providers who have perfected their sustainable flooring solutions over the years to create some of the best options out there. If you’ve been thinking about getting your flooring replaced, GreenSource has a few extra reasons to consider it.

Staining and discoloring is unsightly

When your clients or customers walk into your office or store, you don’t want their first image of your business to be stains from spills, mud, or other unnamed items. Presenting your services in the best light starts with a first great impression, and you can accomplish that with new, beautiful, durable floors.

It’s holding a lot of things you can’t see

Carpets can carry a heap of micro-organisms you cannot see. Dust, dirt, bugs, bacteria and even mold in the padding can cause health concerns and even sometimes smell. Though many commercial carpets in 2016 offer benefits like antimicrobial protection, older carpets just cannot compete. Finding the flooring appropriate for your high-traffic areas like entrances, common areas, and hallways means saving money down the road with maintainable flooring you don’t have to replace.

Whether you decide to re-install innovative and original fabric floors like Chilewich textiles or choose a new flooring option, be sure to contact us at GreenSource Solutions. Our manufacturing representatives are the experts in commercial flooring in Boston and would love to tell you all the benefits and advancements of our providers’ flooring selections.

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