Why Eco-Friendly Boston Commercial Flooring Matters

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Google Cambridge - Capri CorkAs a company that has supplied flooring/wall covering on a number of Boston commercial flooring projects, our clients often ask us how we are different from the competition, and what we can provide that they might not find anywhere else. Green Source Solutions is proud to state that nearly all of our flooring options are eco-friendly, and our goal as a company is to create sustainable flooring options that will last you for years to come.

Not only do many of our floors contribute to your building’s LEED points, which are a growing concern for Boston builders and city officials, we also offer some of the most unique options around. Take our Capri Cork flooring for example. Made from a variety of recycled cork content, this option is durable, easy to install, customizable, and FloorScore® certified.

Whether you’re searching for 100% recycled rubber sheets, or simply for alternatives to the traditional hardwood flooring you see at other business offices, Green Source has the products you’re going to love. Not only do they look great and are often beneficial to the environment, their durability outlasts many of the competitors. Replacing your floors less and using options that save our planet mean you can rest well knowing you haven’t expanded your carbon footprint.

Leaving our planet better off than when we arrived should be the goal of any large-scale manufacturing representative company, and we’re proud to work towards that objective everyday. If you’re interested in Capri Cork flooring for your Boston commercial floors, consider working with a company like GreenSource. Being a USGBC member and leader in sustainable flooring options means we’re constantly looking to improve our services and products. Give us a call today at (617) 513-6339 to learn about our options.