Deciding Your Commercial Flooring Needs

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Green commercial flooringIf you’re apart of the team left to decide on your flooring options for your new or renovated commercial space in Boston, you might be in for a long-haul of conversations and opposing opinions. GreenSource understands why this process is so meticulous; it’s an investment for your business. We know there is so much to consider when finally making the purchasing decision, and we have four questions to should ask yourself before committing to any choices laid out in front of you.

How will it coordinate with the design?


Consistency is important in any workspace. It sets a tone and atmosphere while also telling customers that your business is well-kept and organized. First impressions are important so make sure to narrow down your decisions to match the scheme chosen for your space.


What kind of material should I use?


GreenSource offers a variety of flooring options and types, and depending on what you’re looking for, we can offer you the same or similar materials. From carpet to bamboo to rubber, we can tell you all about the benefits of each and what it can do for your workspace.


Does it add value?


This is increasingly important if you own the commercial building you are renovating. Though your plans and adventures in this space are just starting, it is always important to add value to your properties, and GreenSource’s materials do just that.


What is the traffic level?


Working in the common space of a church versus a condominium’s kitchen is vastly different. Know that the products you are choosing from can withstand all the ins and outs of a normal day at work, and then some. Commercial flooring is a venture, and it should be around during the life of your business. Luckily, GreenSource offers great product that will withstand almost any foot traffic you can imagine and more.


GreenSource is the go-to commercial flooring installer in Massachusetts, and we want you to be satisfied with any decision you make. If you’re considering a new flooring choice for your next commercial space, give us a call today at (617) 513-6339 or (617) 799-1800.