Cork Flooring is a Great Fit for Your Next Project

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Cork flooring from GreenSource SolutionsAs we move further into the 21st century, it’s becoming increasingly clear among experts and scientists alike that the world’s developed nations must start pivoting towards green, sustainable solutions to ensure that the Earth’s resources continue to provide for the many generations to come. Part of that plan to pivot to these sustainable resources involves utilizing alternative, green building materials that can be renewed as they’re used. GreenSource Solutions is well ahead of the curve in this regard. We provide the highest quality green build materials available to designers and architects at competitive rates.

One of the materials that’s proving increasingly invaluable as time goes on is cork flooring. Cork itself is something of a miracle resource. While most of us are accustomed to thinking of cork as something used to stop up wine bottles, the reality is that cork is also an outstanding building material for business and home applications alike.

The reasons cork is invaluable is because of the way it’s harvested. The trees that cork is harvested from allows the tree to survive the entire process intact and healthy. Effectively, cork in its raw form is sheared off the tree, collected, and the tree is allowed to regrow its thick skin again with being transplanted.

However, cork itself as a building material also possesses excellent characteristics that appeal to not only architects, but designers as well. Cork possesses intrinsic sound dampening capabilities. Because of its molecular makeup, cork flooring naturally deadens harsh sounds, allowing it to be used in audio studio applications, as well in homes or apartments that are built in close proximity to each other.

Cork is also much easier on the feet of people than tile or harder materials. Because of this, cork flooring makes for a great material to use in retail applications, or other spaces that see people standing for long periods of time.

GreenSource Solutions can provide you much more than just commercial flooring, however. We’re committed for providing you with efficient, durable building materials that can stand the test of time.

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