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GreenSource knows that you might be thinking about your flooring options, but we also want you to keep in mind the many benefits quality commercial wall coverings can give you.

Finding a commercial flooring in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that looks great and holds up to your durability means knowing where you need to put high traffic flooring.

Not every business or organization looking for commercial flooring in New Hampshire or Massachusetts is in need of ESD flooring, but there are plenty that do.

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Frequently Asked Questions, GreenSource Solutions

GreenSource works with a number of Boston commercial flooring companies who can replace that old carpet.

If you’ve never worked with or have seen commercial cork flooring before, you might be under the assumption it looks like the cork boards you find in classrooms or around an office. We bet you might have never realized how often you’re standing on it when you’re walking through a workspace! GreenSource Solutions knows how […]

Posted on July 26, 2016 in Commercial Wall Coverings, GreenSource Solutions

Investing in commercial wall coverings around your office or building might be a reasonable decision to make, but the only way to determine what kind of wall coverings you should use is to think about the space you are considering their installation. GreenSource knows that putting money back into your workspace should offer you a […]

Buying commercial flooring in Massachusetts and New Hampshire isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. These floor costs can quickly add up and it’s important to choose a floor that you know will last and will not require early replacement, especially in the case of healthcare. GreenSource knows that professionals in the medical field need […]

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Just last summer, we were announcing the excitement surrounding our participation in the Post Neo-Con show, and we’re just as thrilled to be involved once again on Thursday, July 14 at the Exchange Conference Center at No Name Pier. As the follow up to Neo-Con in Chicago, the largest showcase event for commercial flooring, surfaces, […]

When browsing through our commercial flooring options for Boston businesses, you might notice that many of our products hold an LEED points rating.

It takes a specific creative eye to understand the benefits of commercial wall coverings and what they can do to improve the look and feel of your space. GreenSource Solutions has been helping these advanced