5 Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

Maybe 2017 is going to be the year you reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and GreenSource Capri Cork Flooring Solutions NHSolutions is ecstatic to hear that! As an environment company that specializes in the latest sustainable products for flooring, surfaces, walls, and more, we love to hear businesses take steps to protecting the future. We like green practices so much, and we have a few suggestions for your going green initiative!

 Invest in more energy efficient equipment

Though your trusted printer from the early 90’s might be still working, it takes a lot more energy to use than many of the newest machines out there! Making small transitions to machines which use less during production can make a world of a difference in your office.

Use less paper

The Internet and digital copy are so prevalent today that making a nearly complete transition to paperless is possible! Consider emailing documents instead of mailing them. Not only can digital copies be more efficient for the time, but they also save many trees!

Unplug as much as possible at the end of the day

Unless you are working from your work computer all night long, there is no reason to leave it on while it does not get used! Power off and unplug unnecessary items during the non-work hours to save on your electricity bill and save energy.

Implement recycling

Not every company out there has a recycling program, and lots of waste ends up in the trash at the end of the year! By taking the time to offer your employees options to recycle, you prevent lots of reusable materials from ending up in landfills.

Give your office sustainable upgrades

We’re talking about more than just your fax machine and lightbulbs. Green businesses start from the ground up, and GreenSource sees that start with ecological, Boston commercial flooring. We are a business of manufacturing representatives that work with other companies focused on creating environmentally friendly commercial products for your office renovation. From Capri cork flooring to wall coverings, our flooring options are sustainable and improve your LEED points.

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