4 Benefits of Durapalm Flooring

Posted by GreenSource Solutions

At GreenSource Solutions, we are experts in commercial flooring and want our customers to ask any question they have about our material options. We want you to be comfortable with your budget decisions, happy with your finished project, and delve into what is important to you and your commercial project. One of our options includes Durapalm, our coconut palm and sugar palm flooring, and there are plenty of great benefits that make this an option for the next commercial space you redesign.
Coconut Flooring New England

  • Eco-FriendlyDurapalm is not only better for indoor air quality because it is manufactured without added formaldehyde, it makes use of lumber that could have gone unused. These palms are reclaimed from plantations in Southeast Asian where they have past their fruit bearing years.
  • Gives the look of bamboo. If the quality of bamboo is your desired look but want to be as ecofriendly as possible, Durapalm is an alternative option to gain that aesthetic appeal.
  • DurableDurapalm has been proven well-maintained in commercial areas and seen as a long-lasting material for high-traffic flooring. Our tongue and groove planks create a stable walking surface for anyone who enters you new and improved facility.
  • Choices! You can order our Durapalm floors finished or unfinished with a variety of stain options, making it versatile for nearing any style decision made for your space.
  • Gives you LEED®®® points. LEED®®® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building certification program, where you are able to achieve different levels of certification with earned points. Choosing Durapalm could bring you one step closer to becoming recognized as a green building.


Durapalm’s sturdy and reliable materials are not only great for your new commercial space, they assist in keeping healthy palms alive by salvaging plantation palms that would have otherwise been cut down. GreenSolutions takes pride in our never ending journey to contribute towards commercial flooring and surfaces while also being environmentally friendly.


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